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7 Steps On How To Bypass Firewalls In Schools

Are you student who wants to know how to bypass firewalls in schools? Internet censorship in schools are very much common nowadays. Students who want to visit some sites while in school and being forbid to do so is very irritating.

No need to worry now for you will be able to bypass your firewalls in schools with these 7 steps below. This thing may sound illegal but then just make sure that no faculty members or teachers will know what you have done. Bear in mind also that your IT department will be able to track any activity that has the concern of the school’s internet connection. Anyway, this guide will show you how to bypass firewalls in schools using wireless connection or broadband.

  • On the Start menu, locate the Command prompt or on the Run, type in “cmd”. On the cmd, type “ipconfig.”

  • Proceed to your router admin panel. Locate your IP address by clicking on the “status” in the admin panel. Then on our firewall, poke a hole by enabling the port forwarding and type any non-standard port number. Save your settings.

  • Change your home server into a proxy server. Install a free proxy server at FreeProxy by Download it and install. Open the software on the port and set its protocol to HTTP Proxy.

  • Start up the Proxy Server to test if it is working.

  • With your Local Area Network, configure it to use a proxy settings. Select the manual proxy configuration. Provide the necessary information needed.

  • Reboot your PC.

  • Test if the changes have made it successful.

That’s it! It is very easy! Just follow all the steps said above. Do not skip any of the steps or your PC might undergo some problem which you cannot detect immediately. If you hesitate to do it on your own, you can consult someone you have done the same thing successfully. For if you force yourself to do it, you would not want to see your PC get damaged just because of your eagerness to know how to bypass firewalls in schools.